Primeval promotes a casual place where people can play, raid, and converse in a mature environment.  If you are a current member or looking to join the guild, please review our policies.

  • The guild officers are Krystol and Syra.
  • Syra is the accountant, in charge of the bank and selling extra mats, patterns, and BOEs.
  • Krystol will be in charge of raids and raid leadership, involving the duties of inviting, leading, and guiding our guild through the raiding process.
  • Krystol and Syra will be in charge of guild curation, communication, and the website.  Her duties will include gathering information marking guild and member achievements, managing the guild website for information and news, and contacting members of the guild about changes regarding guild events and policies.
  • If the officers cannot come to a good conclusion themselves, or are deciding something that affects many members of the guild, the issue will be considered in a public forum.


  • Krystol and Syra will be in charge of guild communications, including but not limited to:
    • Guild policies and procedures
    • Guild website and news
    • Guild Message of the Day
    • Broadcast messages about cancellations, changes, and decisions
  • If raids or events are cancelled, that information will be posted in the Guild Message of the Day by either in-game or remote guild chat access through the WoW Armory app.  If feasible, a cancellation notice will also be posted on the website.
  • The website has a tab for comments and concerns, where raid members can fill out a form to submit a question, comment, or idea to the officer team for consideration.


  • Our intent in Pandaria is to first work on progression through the raid, then focus on heroics as we gain bosses on farm status.  Skill and gear permitting, we will attempt to push at the heroic bosses harder than we have in the past.
  • When raiding, switching to an ALT or OFF SPEC to fulfill a needed raid role will get the same loot priority as playing a main.  Switching to an ALT or OFF SPEC when not needed will get non priority loot rolls.
  • The officer team reserves the right to override gear rolls if needed for the betterment of the group.  For example, someone wins something that would be a HUGE upgrade for someone else and help the raid out a lot – we’d probably override that.
  • For strats, please read up with a site like Icy Veins.  If we differ from the norm, we’ll explain it.

Class Changes:

We recognize the fact that many classes have changed dramatically and that a whole new class is available.  In light of this, the officer team wishes to provide a few considerations to our members.

  • By all means, play the class that you want to play.  However, when changing and doing so please remember raid composition and raiding success.  Especially if we are to be focusing on more progression and heroic modes, the makeup of the raid is important.
  • When invites go out, we will pay attention to the makeup of the raid for most success.  For example, if there are three monks and other classes are wanting a raid spot that would provide more diversity, we will try to invite those classes that will bring most benefit to the raid.
  • If you are switching classes as your main, please let everyone know so that we can plan accordingly.

What the officer team requests of the members:

  • Give feedback.
    • If there are any issues, ideas, concerns, or comments, please use the officer team to get those things sorted out.
  • Be vocal.
    • Changing classes? Let us know.
    • Want to push for more heroics? Let the raid know.
    • Want to start doing runs through old content? Let an officer and the raid know.
    • Basically, get those ideas out there to someone who can present it to members.